This is a list of links to do with Dirk Maggs or some of the productions he has done or links to do with radio production

Last updated 25 March, 2012





Dirk Maggs Website (This is Dirk's personal site)

The guy this site is all about.


The PNP website is

Dirk's Production Company.


Lorelei King

The Lady actor with a voice to die for.....( No it's true)


Matthew Strachan

One of Dirk's music composers from the early days.


Rupert Degas

Rupert Degas allways a good voice to use in a radio production.


Laura Shavin

Female actor Laura Shavin used in Dirk's productions


Simon Treeves

Male actor used by Dirk a lot has many voices and always does the job.




At Last The Go On Show


Goon Show Preservation Society

History, articles from the newsletter, subscription information, & episode guide.


U.S. Goon Show Archives

Introduction to The Goons plus access to the archives.


The Missing Goon Shows

BBC hunt for recordings that have been lost.


Radio Drama Resources

Writing for Radio Drama

This is a very good page with lots of very good links mainly American but most of it generally applies to any form of writing.





BBC Radio Podcasts

CatKiller BBC





Production Companies


Producers of quite a few radio productions that Dirk has produced, unfortunately they don't make much use of the radio side of things.


Crazy Dog Audio Theatre

What Can I say a very good site & they like Dirk......


Above The Title Productions Ltd

Above the Title Productions Ltd has made over 500 hours of radio programming in the last six years covering a range of genres,

from comedy to factual programmes, drama, discussion programmes and music and arts.



Testbed Productions Ltd

Dirk has produced the Horrible Histories books on cd for them well worth a look.....


Catherine Bailey Production Ltd

Do not have a website.


Perfectly Normal Productions Ltd

This is Dirk's new production company they do have a website





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