Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop was an actor in the following Radio plays by James Follett for BBC Radio 4

The Bionic Blob or This bazooka on my left shoulder is loaded


Total Number Of Plays 2



Ed Bishop was born in Brooklyn New York, 11 June 1932, died 8th June 2005 he had Light brown hair, blue eyes, 6 ft tall. Born as George Victor Bishop, changed his name to Edward when he became a professional actor, as there was already an actor named George Bishop. Raised in Peaksill New York through high school. Served in the US Army 1952-1954, worked as a disk jockey on Armed Forces Radio at St Johns' Newfoundland. Planned for a career in Business Administration and went back to school at Boston University.

Decided he didn't like Business Administration and enrolled in Boston University Theater Division (1956). Graduated in 1960 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Won a scholarship to study drama at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 1960. Started his professional acting career in July 1961. Married economist Hillary Preen at Caxton Hall in 1962.

Met his wife in Trafalgar Square when he was visiting places of interest in London. Has 4 children, born in 1964 (Daniel), 1967 (Georgina), 1968 (Jessica), 1971 (Serina). Currently lives in a little village in Warwickshire, where he bought a large old house in 1980. Became a grandfather in 1994.

He died on 8th June 2005



Abraham Lincoln (William H. Steward)
Accidental Murder (1992)
Aesop's Animals (1996)
The Ambassadors
The Archers (1996)
The Best that Money Can Buy (1994)
The Big Sleep (Phillip Marlowe)
Bodyguard of Lies (1994)
The Bostonians (Phillip Marlowe)
The Caves of Steel (1989)

The Dolphinarium (1995)

Eight Ball (Earl Green)

The Enemies Within (Albert Samson)

The Fall of Edward Barnard

The Fifth String (Phillip Marlowe)

The Fwog Pwincess

The High Window (Phillip Marlowe)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1995)

How the West Was Sung (various voices)

Ice (James Follett)

The Lady in the Lake (Phillip Marlowe)

A Matter of Honour Medical Detectives (1995)

Letter from Paris (George Flack)

The Long Goodbye (Phillip Marlowe)
Man in Space (Gus)
Keys of the Kingdom (1994)
Meeting Bea (1993)
The Little Sister (Phillip Marlowe)
Mildred Pierce (1993)
Malgosia and the Men (1994)
A Movie Starring Me (1991)
Our Town (1995, the Stage Manager)
The 95 File (reader)
An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge (1995)
Now and at the Hour of our Birth (Phillip Marlowe)
The Psychedelic Spy (1992)
The Russia House
Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow (1994)
The Search for Amelia Erhart
Stardust (1992)
The Toff on the Farm (CIA Agent)
The Things that are Caesar's (Raymond Fisk)
Typhoid Mary (Phillip Marlowe)
The Third Man (Graham Greene)
Waggoners' Walk (Tony Sargant)
Waiting for Lefty (1994, Dr. Barnes)
Willis is Barking (1993?)
The Way We Die Now (Albert Samson)
The Winter of Our Discontent (1995, Biggers)

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