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The U-boat That Lost Its Nerve

1st Broadcast 22nd February 1975 BBC Radio 4
2nd Broadcast 24th February 1975 BBC Radio 4


James Follett


Margaret Etall


"You sniveling little coward- you know what you've done? You've made the German U-boat arm the laughing stock of the entire world"

A trial is taking place in a POW camp for German Officers, and a surrendered U-boat is lying off Barrow about to be refitted as a fighting ship for the Royal Navy....


Lt-Cmdr Hans Rahmlow David Ryall
Lt Bernhardt Berndt Nigel Lambert
Lt Wolfgang Stein Michael Deacon
Chief Engineer Michael Shannon
Lt-Cmdr Otto Kruger Paul Gaymon
Major Conrad Shulke Stephen Thorne
Lt Paul Faulk Alan Dudley
Cmdr Willi Leymann Trader Faulkner
Home Guard Captain Jack Carr
Corporal Sion Probert
Harmonica Harry Pitch

James Follett Comments

None so far.

Running Time

88 Minutes.

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